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Work hard. Play hard. Do good for others.

It’s no surprise to see that TJ has, at a young age, has quickly built a successful and sustainable Real Estate business for himself. Real Estate, hard work, and entrepreneurial spirit is all a true part of his DNA.

Born and raised in the beautiful Okanagan and having moved 16 times before graduating high school from Okanagan Mission Secondary School in 2012, TJ quickly gained a vast amount of knowledge about the city and the different communities. His ambitious father was not only the owner of “PJ Mechanical Systems” (one of the largest residential HVAC contractors in Kelowna at the time) but also made his money renovating and flipping properties. From the early age of 5 years old, TJ started going to work with his dad and soaking in all the construction and renovation knowledge possible, not knowing the positive impact this would have on his future.


After throwing his graduation cap in the air, TJ then carried on to play Junior A Hockey for the Vernon Vipers from 2012 – 2015. With a late start to hockey, many cautioned TJ that he shouldn’t get his hopes up on having hockey be a big part of his life for long, but TJ isn’t one to be told he can’t do something and through his hard work he was made assistant captain, won MVP, and was awarded the community service award back-to-back years. His biggest take away from this experience was that when it comes to anything in life, putting in time pays off.

Speaking of paying off… TJ’s next adventure was a full ride athletic scholarship to play NCAA Division 1 hockey at Bentley University in Boston Massachusetts where he trained hard for his team and studied (accounting) hard for himself. Although TJ has always been a numbers guy, when you ask him about his experience, he will tell you that “I love numbers, but I couldn’t see myself sitting at a desk all day. I am a people person and knew I needed to find that perfect harmony between crunching numbers and both helping and enjoying time with people.”

With a change of heart at the top of his mind, TJ transferred to University of Calgary where he studied economics and soon started his first small business in the supplements industry. During this endeavor TJ learned how to source and pitch products, raise capital, work with and coordinate service providers… and most importantly that entrepreneurship is not an overnight success story as it most often takes massive amounts of discipline and diligent hard work.

Through all his many adventures and experiences, TJ always kept coming back to the idea of being where his roots are - the Okanagan - so when he finally decided it was time to do what he was meant to do, he first spent 2 long years up North on a drilling rig working 16 hours days so he could save the required funds to get his Real Estate license and purchase his first (of many) properties.

As soon as TJ was licensed as a Real Estate Agent in 2019 he landed at a small boutique brokerage which specialized in investment Real Estate. This was the perfect fit for TJ as his construction knowledge and love of numbers made him a top choice agent for Real Estate Investors and his client base, along with his personal real estate portfolio, quickly began to grow. Through his willingness to always be helping others, an organic partnership started to form with Stephanie Ostash, another high achieving and client first minded agent, and he realized that just like in hockey life in Real Estate life, having a partner or teammate to lean on is where the magic truly happens.

TJ can now be found at Canada’s Real Estate company, Royal LePage Kelowna, as one of the founding partners of TJ & STEPH Real Estate Group which has received a Red Diamond Award putting their team in the top 2% of Royal LePage Kelowna. But what’s more important than the number of deals TJ & Steph do, is how happy their clients are and in 2021 TJ Dumonceaux was names the #2 rated Real Estate Agent in all of Kelowna which is a true testament to the level of service he provides and the amount of respect and appreciation his clients have for what he does.

Although TJ lives and breathes his Real Estate business, in his spare time you can find him hunting and scouring for another addition to his personal real estate portfolio, swinging a demolition hammer, crushing it at the gym, or spending time in the outdoors sledding, golfing, or biking. With his unbeatable work ethic and infectious sense of humour, this guy is all about living big and enjoying the time he has, and helping others do the same.

If you ask TJ what he loves most about selling Real Estate as career he will quickly tell you, “Helping people through one of the largest and most exciting transitions and investments of their life. There’s also something so rewarding about educating eager investors on the amazing investment vehicle that Real Estate is.”

The best part, he says, about investing in Real Estate personally is “… building your financial future through property that you can use and enjoy while putting cash in your pocket every month as it builds huge appreciation value all at the same time.”


Personal Real Estate Corporation & REALTOR ®

When something is right, you know it.

Originally a small town ‘tom boy’ from the Kootenay’s, Steph’s Real Estate knowledge started very early on as her Grandfather was a builder/ developer and her parents were always buying, renovating, renting, selling and showing her that property is not only a place to live but, when done right, a true financial asset with the means to take her wherever she wanted to go.

Steph's true passion for Real Estate was ignited at the age of 19 when she started selling custom homes for the largest builder in Calgary. Young, ambitious, and full of fire, this was the same year she started investing in a real estate portfolio of her own, which has continued to grow and now contains a number of different property types and in different locations.

In 2007 when the Okanagan outdoors called her back to BC, she enjoyed the new challenge of building her business, as a mortgage broker, in a time of economic crisis. Hard work doesn’t scare this girl and she certainly knows how to get the job done.


After being head hunted by the largest Media Company in the Okanagan, she quickly became their top Marketing Consultant specializing in business growth and

customer relationships. After five amazing years and working closely with some of the top Real Estate agents, brokerages and developers, to help develop and grow

their marketing reach, she could no longer delay the inevitable… Steph just couldn’t give up her love affair with Real Estate and eventually made her way back.

In 2015 Stephanie was fortunate enough to be welcomed into a small boutique brokerage which specialized in investment Real Estate and, in her first year, she

gave the top producing agent a run for his money and then took home the “World Class” award. Stephanie truly believes that anything worth doing is worth doing

right - the first time.

After taking some time away in 2018 to fulfill a life goal of working in a Real Estate coaching/ leadership role, Steph returned back to what she loves most… working

with her amazing clients and helping people turn Real Estate dreams into Real Estate realities.

Steph can now be found at Canada’s Real Estate company, Royal LePage Kelowna, as one of the founding partners of TJ & STEPH Real Estate Group. After forming an

organic partnership with TJ Dumonceaux, another high achieving and client first minded agent, they realized that two heads are better than one and they are now

working together providing a whole new level of service to all their deserving clients. TJ & STEPH Real Estate Group is not only the recipient of a Red Diamond

award, putting them in the top 2% of Roya LePage Kelowna, but in 2021 Steph received the honor of being the #1 rated agent in all of Kelowna and snuck into the

top 10 in Canada with the #7 spot.

When Stephanie isn’t busy educating and helping her clients build financial freedom through buying or selling their next property, you can attempt to find her spending time with her amazing family, racing down the mountain on her downhill bike, practicing up on the piano, volunteering at the Kelowna Gospel Mission or hosting a local charity event.

She believes the greatest opportunity investing in real estate allows for… the financial means to truly live your dreams and do what you love.



Let’s get to the root of it.

When it comes to having a passion for people and a deep desire to truly know and understand others, Maggie is the master.  

Born in Burnaby, raised in Langley, and having no history of real estate in her early background it might first seem odd to find how naturally the Kelowna real estate market comes to her but as you get to know our superstar it all starts to make sense. Real Estate is a people business and people are Maggie’s business. 

After high school Maggie accepted a job in the automotive industry as a receptionist and, within the first year, worked her way to warranty specialist where she learned the value of listening with the intention of understanding and how to properly manage a client’s frustrations while quickly finding solutions.


Not only was she a busy little problem solver at the dealership, but during this time she was full steam ahead when it came to accomplishing her ambitious goal of achieving her business degree as the first step towards a promising career practicing law. When we ask Maggie what her largest take-away was from her business management diploma, she says it was how she learned to truly understand different personality types and find ways to allow these different types to achieve middle ground and work together in a productive way in order to achieve a desirable end result. For any buyer or seller this should be music to your ears, as not only does it make Maggie a dream to work with, regardless of your personality or style, but this skill of hers is the foundational makings of a rock-solid negotiator. 

During this stage in her life Maggie, at the age of 22, and her husband (then boyfriend), decided it was time to make their very first real estate purchase. Setting out with determination and high hopes, Maggie’s optimism and expectations around how her first purchase would go were soon shot down. Although they did make a purchase, the experience quickly turned into a true nightmare full of completely avoidable problems if only they would have had the right agent by their side. Shortly after taking possession of their new home Maggie’s husband was transferred to Kelowna for work. So, they rented their first home out, became landlords for the first time and set off to live the Okanagan dream. Although Maggie’s first real estate experience was a complete horror story, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise as Maggie realised she had developed a strong pull to the real estate world. She found herself longing to continue building and growing her own wealth through real estate,  and knew that when it came to a career in the real estate industry her skill set would allow her to properly guide both buyers and sellers through their real estate journeys and help them avoid all the many pitfalls she experienced personally. 

Once settled into the sunny Okanagan, Maggie decided to pursue her newfound professional interest in the real estate world taking on a role at a small boutique brokerage working as an unlicensed assistant and conveyancer for her first year. Shortly thereafter, Maggie got licensed and became the better half of the top producing agent for two years, helping over 120 people buy and sell properties. The knowledge she absorbed in this high-volume environment was priceless. In a short 24 months Maggie gained unbelievable experience and an endless list of valuable lessons that takes most agents 10 years to accumulate. Why get there later if you can enjoy getting there now?! 

With a highly successful career already in full swing, Maggie knew she was now doing what she was meant to do but something in her current environment just didn’t feel right. So, when she saw that TJ & STEPH Real Estate Group was in need of the perfect team member to add to their continued success, and having already worked closely with both TJ and Steph as individual agents, Maggie knew this was the right move for her and the new perfect place for her to call home. 

When we ask Maggie what she loved most about the TJ & STEPH Real Estate Group she instantly responds with her admiration of how the team always puts people first, whether it be with their ‘Client First’ mentality or commitment to providing an amazing work environment for their team members. Maggie also gushes about the team’s work ethic, drive, and ability to play off each other’s strengths as they continually strive for never ending growth. She has a love for Steph’s attention to detail when it comes to their clients’ needs and systems required to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. She has a strong admiration for TJ’s ability to bring ease to any situation as he casually commands any room while crushing negotiations for their buyers and sellers. Each team member brings something different to the table and each is a master at what they do best which then cohesively allows us to deliver big results and a great experience to each client we go to work for. 

When it comes to what Maggie loves most about our ever-evolving real estate industry she says she loves the challenge it brings and that fact that not a single day is the same. She thoroughly enjoys the ability to exercise the creative side of her brain on the staging and marketing side while activating the logical problem-solving side which is required to properly write and execute legally binding offers and documents (fulfilling her earlier desire to work in the legal world). Most importantly she lives for the positive impact she has on the lives of the people she goes to work with and for. “As a consultant, I have been able to guide people through what can be a difficult and frightening process while providing confidence in their decisions. It truly is incredibly rewarding for me each and every time.” she says. 

When Maggie is not out in the field with her real estate hat on, she can be found enjoying down time with her husband and their two dogs, socializing with friends over a fine glass (or two) of delicious red wine at one of our local hot spots, getting a good sweat session on at the gym, or on the slopes or surf with her board. Although she likes to keep busy and active, it is not a rare sighting to see Maggie reading or podcasting as part of her never-ending hunt for mastery as she just can’t seem to satisfy her thirst for knowledge and growth.


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